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Tenere 660Z on the Isle of Tiree —

It can mean an early start from an overnight stop in Oban to catch the CalMac ferry to Tiree —

With four and a half hours on the boat plus an hour and a half wait at Oban terminal it will be at least six hours before you tie up alongside the quay at Tiree – and that’s on a good day —

No worries – unless like your ijit here – you haven’t pre-booked accomodation 🥺

I was a late season traveller and had wrongly assumed there would be plenty empty B&B’s glad of my custom —

How wrong could I be?

The whole island appeared to be deserted – B&B’s were old hat and the pattern now is to book your black house for a few days and self cater while the owners have flown to warmer climes 🧐

After spending my first afternoon charging from one end of the island to the other looking for a bed I had almost given up hope and reconciled my self to cuddling up with the sheep —

When a kindly old boy offered me the use of his caravan down on the croft – basic but dry enough – I’ve slept in worse —

No – that’s not the caravan –

And this is just one of the five sandy beaches on this flattish windswept island in the Outer Hebrides 😎

Sunset at last – it’s been a long long day —

That was ten or twelve years ago – perhaps it’s time I went back 😄

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XJR’s at Broadway —

Possibly 2002 – my first Broadway meet – 35 XJR’s turned up – the first time many of these Owner’s had been north of Watford

Twenty two years ago – I had become smitten with the handsome Yamaha XJR1300SP and joined the Owner’s Club which at that time was a loose bunch of bikers on the internet – all with an affection for the big air cooled four in common.

Loaded for bear in the hinterland of Croatia in 2004 —

Prior to joining what was to become the XJROC – I had little need for being computer savvy but soon mastered working with pics and finding my way round the internet on my Dell desktop.

Handsome is as handsome does – in darkest mid-Wales – one of the five XJR’s I have owned —

After riding the willing XJR 1300’s for ten years or so – including a short-lived spell as Chairman of the Owner’s Club – I decided the 39mpg fuel consumption at best was too costly for a long distance pensioner to justify.

My hard ridden XT660Z on the white sands of Barra in the Outer Hebrides —

I pulled the pin on the marque and bought a tough but frugal single cylinder Yamaha Tenere 660Z which gave sterling service round Europe and the Balkans for the next few years.

Back where it all started – with my much modified year 2000 SP ‘weekend warrior’ 👍
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