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Down by the River —

Once known as the River Knaik —

Now more confusingly known as the River Ardoch —

Confusing because the River Ardoch that I’ve known since I was a boy in these pairts has a source in the same hills as the Knaik but runs due west and meets the River Teith near Doune Castle —

While this imposter rises in the same hills but flows eastwards to join the River Allan by Greenloaning —

No worries – Loki wasn’t bothered which direction it went – he enjoyed his time in it —

Just as he did in the nearby park —

Especially when three nice young lads came along on their bikes and let him watch them on their home made rope swing —

It all reminded me of when I was a lad in the Scottish Borders and made dams and swings without a care in the world 😄
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