Tunnel Tigers —

18 Apr

The ‘Tunnel Tigers’ were the lads from all walks of life and many countries who worked on the big hydro schemes in the post-war years throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

Mainly involved in hard-rock tunneling and hard labour – drilling and blasting in very dangerous conditions was the norm before the Health and Safety Act was brought into the workplace in the 1970’s.

As usual the ‘suits’ are in camera shot while the Tunnel Tigers who actually broke the World Record for length of tunnel excavated can be seen in hard hats crowded around the tunnel entrance.

Many of this team worked on the later Ben Cruachan scheme above Loch Awe but my involvement with them was to be several years later when I joined them in the late sixties as a plant maintenance fitter on the creation of the North Bank Power Station at the Kariba Dam between what was then Zambia and Rhodesia.

We were a motley crew of hard working – hard drinking ex-pats and suffice to say – I fitted right in.

AHH – the photo. Although I now live within seven miles of where that pic was taken in 1955 – I knew nothing of it till a few minutes ago.

Bedtime reading for tonight is a book I received recently in a present from Helen who thought I might be interested in it —

Was I interested? – Too right šŸ¤ 
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