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Riot of Colour —

Our garden is coming alive again after what has seemed like a very long winter —

The acer – rashly purchased to fill a dark corner of the garden —
then moved into a more exposed position when it sulked is at last coming into leaf —
Now it’s the plum tree’s turn to sulk and has only produced one hint of blossom this year —
but the Bramley apple is blooming —
and the pear tree is going mad with blossom —
While the flowering cherry is living up to its name —
the greengage remains stubbornly green —
A big surprise is the old acer which looked as it had died and gone to tree heaven when we arrived here is now producing colourful leaves in abundance since we have it a bit of tlc —
I’m pleased to report the rohdedondron that Helen had practised her bonsai skills on during our first year here has fully recovered and is now bedecked in a profusion of blooms —
and even the minute version we planted in the old Sandpit is doing well —
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