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Azaleas Doing Well —

The three azaleas I bought for our previous home on the Isle of Luing and planted in half-barrels where they did ok but nothing spectacular – exposed as they were to regular gales off the Atlantic – are now enjoying life transplanted direct into the soil in the shelter of our boundary hedge here in Comrie —-

This will be our third summer here and they appear to be thriving although we are having a constant battle with the villainous ground elder down that side of the garden 😠
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Life on the Edge

The story started back in April when Helen imagined her tree living on the edge of a cliff and painted her picture —

I love this one – so fragile – so beautiful —

Then last Sunday we found ourselves parked with the Yeti on the roadside in Braes of Foss territory opposite Schiehallion —

Helen took off up the braes walking Loki on the lead and was truly stunned to find a tree on the edge – much like her painting!
No worries – with blue skies -dry roads – and the wife off at work – what more could a dutiful husband do than get the bike out and go take a few shots of the fabled tree —
Truly magic!
and a great place for a picnic amongst the rocks —

My total of Brownie Points earned so far this year has just gone off the scale 😔

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