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Living on an Island —

is not too bad when you have a house like this —

although the steading out back was in tumbledown condition —

I cobbled together a chalet style kennel by the back door for our lively young flat coat retriever Loki —

which kept him warm and dry until we moved back to the mainland after three and a half years of living on an island only six miles long by one and a half wide —

Summer or winter —

life was no bother to him —

as long as he got his walkie’s —

With the mountains on Mull across the sound —

and always something interesting passing through —

I must admit I’ve lived in worse places 🤠
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Biker Chick —

does Loch Leven three years ago —

on our Suzuki 650 – a good solid bike for the money if a little lacking in the ‘excitement’ department 🤠

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Crash Helmet Art —

I’m gonna drag this girl in off the beach where she is trying to fly –
and give her a few of my —
crash helmets to paint —
I would certainly —-
stand out in a crowd 😎
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Whalesong —

There aren’t enough days in the week just now and to top it all – the garden Helen and I have created acts like a rod for our own backs —

No worries — having repaired the mower – again – after breaking it on one of Loki’s toys – again – and despite random new plants turning up out of the blue – I’m back on top of my garden chores in time to find that Helen has created another masterpiece in her ‘Whalesong’ painting which she completed just minutes ago — I love it 😘

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Unorthodox does —

as unorthodox is —

as usual – tempting fate with a single person in the frame on our 5th wedding anniversary —
That’s better – we persuaded the chief coffee grinder to risk his life across the main street with Helen’s camera —
And we are somewhere top left —
enjoying the flat lands of Fife – which we had more or less to ourselves – 🤠
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Heading For The Hills —

Was that only two years ago?

We better start the job with a coffee —
Then get the lippie sorted —
‘C’mon Don – let’s get going’ —
‘But I’ve found another choccie
biscuit’ —
Time waits for no man —
Hit the road Jack
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Revvin Kevin —

This pic popped up in my gallery earlier today – the man himself – Kevin Schwantz —

I remember him pass under my nose on his beam end down the side of the pit wall at over 150mph during practise at Eastern Creek – Sydney for the 1995 500 Grand Prix —

Kevin had grabbed a handful of brake at the end of the 160+ main straight and locked the front – the handsome Suzuki went straight down – shedding the rider who disappeared into the kitty litter – still on his backside —

Seconds later he sprinted past me in the opposite direction with the arse hanging out of his leathers – the only thought in his head was to get back to the garage and be out there on his spare bike —

What was I doing on the pit wall in Oz? Sweating over the Pit Board for Neil Hodgson that’s what.

I would get a radio message from our mechanic positioned on the back straight behind the stand giving me overall position – times and other info re the guy immediately behind. I had but seconds to pick the bones out of it – get the message on the board and hang it out just before our rider flew past into that first corner of the next lap. Too soon with the board and it was blocking the view for riders nearer the front – too late and you weren’t popular in your own camp.

With milli-seconds at stake it was enough to make anyone sweat 🤠

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in another corner of the garden —
which had been a sandpit —
before we came along – tore it apart and turned it into a flower patch for insects to enjoy — 🦟
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Seamus is in Charge —

Loki is a soft big soul where Seamus is concerned and he didn’t get the use of the bed for long – that I had bought him to come camping with us —

before Seamus nabbed it —

I hope someone is going to contact me and tell me that’s an expensive Ming vase that’s propping the kennel door open 😋
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TLC For Our Lune Whammel —

Our Hede spent last summer in the back garden but she’s not forgotten —

I enjoyed an hour or two washing and sugar soaping the inner hull this afternoon in anticipation of a few sunny days in a row soon – when I kin start splashing paint around —

It’s just too tempting and easy to jump on the X-ADV when the sun shines but a strong enuff guilt trip will see me get the paint brushes out —

You see my dilema 😎
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