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Glamis Transport Extravaganza —

Covered many acres in front of the castle and was well supported but by the time I had threaded my way past many irate drivers queueing on the mile long drive in the searing heat and followed directions to the bike park behind the castle – I’d had enough —

and with the over enthusiastic commentator giving it full blast from the showground at the front – I settled for the relatively quiet parking lot out back —

where I found a lovely spot in the dappled shade to park the X-ADV750 and look round some of my interesting neighbours —

A well sorted Tiger Cub will always be popular —

This slimline 750 V-Twin Kawasaki was another to catch my eye —

from both sides —

before I bailed out —

The pie shop in Dunkeld was calling – so apart from a couple of quick shots of the loch around Butterstone —

that was about it for the day —-

Homeward bound – I came across a serious Big Bike V Car crash in remote Amulree where the serious damage inflicted was obvious from a mechanical point of view but from his laid back position in the ditch partly under his wrecked Hyabusa? Hard to tell with the front completely wiped out – anyway – the fallen rider turned down my offer of help – preferring to wait for the appropriate authorities who had been summoned by his mate on the blower.

No worries – I know when I’m not wanted and left them to it with gathering throng. The required services would be a long time coming as I was almost in Crieff before I saw the first sign of Blue’s and Two’s and the polis on their way north at speed.

Just one of these too hot days – I blame Global Warming and it can only get worse — 🤠

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Dundee Law —

I had seen a road sign for the Law earlier in the week so decided to ‘go see’ how close to the top it would take us on our way home —

Well the houses stop here – luckily for me the road doesn’t and I was able to drive up past hundreds – maybe thousands of allotments – all the way to the top —

The views were magnificent – whether due south over the Tay Road Bridge —

east over the city to the North Sea and all the way round over St Andrews to Crail on the toe of Fife —

west up the Tay estuary to Perth and beyond to Vorlich and other peaks near our home in Comrie —

Or nearer to hand in the direction of Cupar Angus – we have this grandoise ‘Lum’ – supposedly the tallest in the world – built as a monument to mark the opulence of the ‘Richest man in the World’ at the ‘Biggest factory in the World’ in the days when the Jute Barons ruled supreme in the world —

Talking of ‘opulence’ – not often associated with Dundee these days – how about this display by our table in the Teng or Tang Dynasty – now re-named as a Japanese Restaurant beginning with ‘O’ —

But the food was good – and plentiful!

It may look like it could be the Teng Dynasty restaurant but this is actually the city centre McManus Museum and Art Gallery — a not to be missed eye-opener for those exploring the history of the City of Dundee – from the outer architecture to the interior and exhibits it’s the real gem on a visit to Dundee —

One for the road – and what of the V&A – the real reason for our visit to Dundee? Well it’s lost in a jumble of modern buildings including our hotel down there by the north end of the Tay Road Bridge. We were so enthused by the old Dundee we never did get round to embracing the new 🙄

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