Glamis Transport Extravaganza —

10 Jul

Covered many acres in front of the castle and was well supported but by the time I had threaded my way past many irate drivers queueing on the mile long drive in the searing heat and followed directions to the bike park behind the castle – I’d had enough —

and with the over enthusiastic commentator giving it full blast from the showground at the front – I settled for the relatively quiet parking lot out back —

where I found a lovely spot in the dappled shade to park the X-ADV750 and look round some of my interesting neighbours —

A well sorted Tiger Cub will always be popular —

This slimline 750 V-Twin Kawasaki was another to catch my eye —

from both sides —

before I bailed out —

The pie shop in Dunkeld was calling – so apart from a couple of quick shots of the loch around Butterstone —

that was about it for the day —-

Homeward bound – I came across a serious Big Bike V Car crash in remote Amulree where the serious damage inflicted was obvious from a mechanical point of view but from his laid back position in the ditch partly under his wrecked Hyabusa? Hard to tell with the front completely wiped out – anyway – the fallen rider turned down my offer of help – preferring to wait for the appropriate authorities who had been summoned by his mate on the blower.

No worries – I know when I’m not wanted and left them to it with gathering throng. The required services would be a long time coming as I was almost in Crieff before I saw the first sign of Blue’s and Two’s and the polis on their way north at speed.

Just one of these too hot days – I blame Global Warming and it can only get worse — šŸ¤ 

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