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Glen Quaich did the Trick —

and it wasn’t too far in these days of austerity —

a sneaky shot from the south-east – then a nice ride along the lochside —
before parking on the bank by the second hairpin —
for a shot down the valley —
while I waited for some suffering cyclists to pech their way to the top of the hill —
No pechin for me while I’ve got the X-ADV
A quick shot through the trees into Kenmore as I scamper down the other side of the hill —
another looking west along Loch Tay —
and a shot of the hielan sojer sweltering in his full regalia —
beside the bridge in Aberfeldy had me back over the hill and home before the temp became too hot for comfort 😎
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Bursitis —

Just another ailment to contend with —

This is my right knee which has been giving me gip for the past seven years as I put off having a knee replacement op —
I wasn’t too bothered with the recent severe swelling and extra pain but when the skin started flaking off I had visions of leprosy and fortunately managed to get a diagnosis from the doc 🧐

He said no worries – it was only bursitis and the flaking skin was a sign that it was getting better —

Yehh! I’ll take that and still enjoy my X-ADV750 to reach those far off places for the foreseeable future 👍

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