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Deadly Nightshade —

I was quite happy when a pretty plant popped a tendril out of my flourishing agapanthus barrel in the corner and sent one of its leafy shoots to my bedroom window —

That was until I proudly showed Helen the wee purple flowers that had appeared in today’s sunshine —

She has more experience of such things than I and immediately recognised my new blooms as being none other than the deadliest – most poisonous plant in the UK —

You guessed right — it’s the poisoners favourite plant .. the Deadly Nightshade!

There’s the little buggers that do the damage – the berries!

Where’s my Haz-Mat gear? That thing is for burning tout de suite 🤠

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Whale Song—

Helen’s latest painting —

is definitely worth a second look – it really is amazing in the flesh —
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Shangri-la in Glen Artney —

Loki n I found a nice spot to picnic today in Glen Artney —

Shangri-la indeed —
Even Loki thought so too —
and only a few steps from the road was a boon —
although a few miles trot over the hill would have suited the active Loki better 🤠
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The Row Sheds — ‘Roo’

I took a run round here on the X-ADV750 this morning —

It’s where I was living in 1950 at the age of eight – cycling or walking to and from Doune Primary School most days —
The innards have been torn down and most of the windows have been pulled out and dumped inside on the rubble.

Although the henhouse my dad built and the chickens are long gone the garden is still real nice with a child’s swing hanging from a tree branch and a burn running down the left hand side. Lovely —

The view to the west is to die for – but just over the fence – bottom right – is where the gamekeeper shot my cat and left it there full of lead pellets from his twelve bore for me to find —

Seventy two years is a long time to carry a grudge but I still haven’t forgotten or forgiven him — 🥺

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