Rest in Peace Ma’am —

08 Sep

I will always remember her twinkling eyes and cheeky smile when she stopped to talk briefly to me while on a walkabout during a garden party at a Herefordshire country estate – possibly fifteen years ago —

That’s my photograph and she certainly had an eye for the camera —

The garden party was being held to thank those who had been involved in dealing with the catastrophic Foot and Mouth outbreak which had eventually been brought under control but had scarred all involved.

Our short exchange wasn’t earth-shattering but has obviously remained with me.

The queen twinkled up at me and asked – ‘and what did you do in Foot and Mouth?’ I returned her smile – nodded my head and replied – ‘gave support ma’am’ – which seemed to please her for she smiled even more brightly and moved on.

RIP Ma’am —

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