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The Shrimpers —

Been a busy day – I’ve carefully cleaned and hung my new ‘pic’ —

She is looking good —
better than good —

From around 1888 – fisher women netting shrimps – possibly on the mudflats left by the receding tides of the River Tay estuary.

As for copyrights – in the UK they last 70 years. I think this pic is over 100 years old so I should be OK on that score 👍

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Helen’s Studio —

This is only one small part of it —

That gannet is truly spectalular and shows those daily crossings of the Cuan Sound on her way to and from work in Oban were not wasted 👍

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The Shrimpers by Robert McGregor —

With H off to Ireland for her grandson’s birthday I came across a note in her studio asking me to frame her latest landscape painting which I have called ‘The Water’s Edge’ —

I had a mount that I thought I could make fit but no suitable frame —

Nothing daunted I took the easy way out and headed off to a major antique centre thirty five miles away – thinking I might find something suitable containing a non-descript painting or photo which I could pop out and replace with Helen’s offering.

Well – I did find something interesting tucked away in a corner gathering dust. The sizes were about right and I thought – ‘thistle doo’ and got it for a song —

It was only when I got home and inspected it properly that I thought – ‘wait a minute – this looks interesting’.

Signed by the artist – Robert McGregor it said on the sales label ‘The Shrimpers’ and Google soon provided a whole lot more info. A Scottish artist who lived 1847-1922 – Robert painted mainly fisher folk and farm workers going about their daily toil.

His paintings are well sought after nowadays with prices running into thousands of pounds when they come on the market. My purchase certainly looks old enough and tired enough to date from Victorian times – I wonder 🤔

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