You Can’t Beat Heavy Metal —

24 Sep

My X-ADV750 was a lovely bike in it’s own right – yes I did say ‘was’.

I’m pleased I mastered the ‘Plastic Rocket’ – and enjoyed it’s idiocyncrasies to the full – but – during the soul-searching most of us do after a daft ride —

The outcome being that I have traded the X-ADV for a Royal Enfield 350 Classic —

It’s the latest – ‘Made in India’ version and none the worse for that —

The new bike arrived by van mid-morning – a quick check over showed the tyres were a few p.s.i. above the recommended 32 front and 32/34 rear for solo riding and a loose bar mounted rear view mirror. Minor adjustments made – I was soon off to meet the missus over an out-of-town coffee —

Helen seemed suitably impressed with all those shiny bits and – pass gained – I was soon into proper bike gear and out on the open road —

First impressions are much better than on-line reviews had led me to believe they would be. Not only is she a similar black and gold colour scheme to my first road bike sixty three years ago – a 350cc Velocete – but the power is roughly the same.

Unlike the modern style of the X-ADV where handling shows a front-end bias and spirited riding wears the front tyres out in no time at all – the RE350 classic is very neutral and being a docile 350 cc’s – should be easy on its’ Ceat rubber.

A brisk ride along my favourite Loch Earnside Twisties where I first crashed my long-suffering Velo as a tear-away seventeen year old – gave me hope that when running-in is complete – the wee Enfield will keep me in motorcycling for a few years to come. 😎

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