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The RE350 Classic – a Conversation Piece —

One thing I didn’t expect when I bought the wee Royal Enfield was the amount of attention it gets when parked up in the street – any street – mostly from folks who had bikes – or were wives of bikers in their far-off youth —

It must be something to do with the registration number which is at least fifty years old – perhaps more 🤠

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Chasing Cars —

With apologies to Snow Patrol for stealing their thunder – but now that my RE350 Classic has a few hundred miles under its’ wheels the motor is loosening up and I can spin her over without feeling she might tighten up or fall apart.

Nice to know she will hold her own on dual carriageways and easily sit with the traffic on ‘A’ roads. Bend swinging on lesser roads comes easy to the Classic – the limiting factor being ma heid as I have never used these OEM Ceat tyres she is shod with before. Suffice to say they haven’t given the slightest twitch even on our cold and wet leaf strewn November roads.

Roll on Spring when she’s fully run in and no doubt fitted with some of my favourite rubber – availability of tyres in the correct sizes will be the deciding factor when that time comes —

I’ve got to thank Royal Enfield for taking me back to old-style biking where even the cup of tea and the after-ride washdown becomes one of life’s pleasures 😊👍

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On the Road Again —

The shed door is open for the first time in ten days – feels more like ten weeks but Saree was pleased to see me.

She fired up at first touch of the red switch and burbled away while I forced my old Shark helmet on —

I’m sure ma heid has swollen since I bought that smart lid —

No worries .. after an enjoyable ride over Braco Moors and a real nice cappo in the local cafe I will feel no pain on the next part of my ride 😊

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