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Update on Seamus —

Have just been out back looking for my wee metal shovel – I will no doubt need it in the morning to clean out our cat’s litter tray —

Yes – his wound is healing and he is keen to spend the nights outdoors even in the current sub-zero temps – the main scar is quite deep and would probably have benefited from a couple of stitches but that is with the benefit of hindsight and the vet didn’t think it necessary at the time —

No worries – Seamus is warm – dry and well fed – he doesn’t appear to be suffering and judging from vast experience of his past adventures he can be extremely stoic when things go hard for him and he is staying in tonight out of harm’s way —

To cut a long story short – it’s bloody cold out there tonight and after freezin my what’sits off to no avail I came inside and found said shovel hiding underneath the hot stove in the living room – DoH! 🙄

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A Day Trip to Callander —

Turned out to be a nice day for a drive —

The Yeti proved ideal for today’s conditions and with Helen chuntering at her flighty Samsung phone camera we did the Lochearnhead – Dunblane – Braco run anti-clock —

Down the north side of Loch Earn is always an interesting drive —

mist rising from the forests by Balquider caught the snapper’s eye —

Reaching Callander we were fortunate to find parking in a snowbound Ancaster Square where we left Lenny the Lion looking after the Yeti —

while Helen and I enjoyed tasty bowls of chowder with a view in the almost empty Atrium —

Don’t know what was in the chowder apart from a whole assortment of tasty fish but the threatening snowstorm —

was left well behind —

as we came home by Dunblane and Braco —

I did have a look at the secondary road over the Moors to Comrie but it didn’t show much sign of having had a snow plough over it.

We soon came to a point where discretion took over from my idiocy and we returned to the main road for home via Muthil and Crieff 🤠

Nice pics Helen – thank you 👍

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