A Day Trip to Callander —

17 Dec

Turned out to be a nice day for a drive —

The Yeti proved ideal for today’s conditions and with Helen chuntering at her flighty Samsung phone camera we did the Lochearnhead – Dunblane – Braco run anti-clock —

Down the north side of Loch Earn is always an interesting drive —

mist rising from the forests by Balquider caught the snapper’s eye —

Reaching Callander we were fortunate to find parking in a snowbound Ancaster Square where we left Lenny the Lion looking after the Yeti —

while Helen and I enjoyed tasty bowls of chowder with a view in the almost empty Atrium —

Don’t know what was in the chowder apart from a whole assortment of tasty fish but the threatening snowstorm —

was left well behind —

as we came home by Dunblane and Braco —

I did have a look at the secondary road over the Moors to Comrie but it didn’t show much sign of having had a snow plough over it.

We soon came to a point where discretion took over from my idiocy and we returned to the main road for home via Muthil and Crieff 🤠

Nice pics Helen – thank you 👍

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