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Yamaha TZ750 —

For the road –

but only if you have the requisite big gonzolas —

I know little about it other than the pic arrived on my site one day and a faded memory tells me this TZ lives in Sweden 🤠

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Honda Pan European ST1100 —

One of Honda’s better bikes —

I bought an early – low mileage one and ran it for a few years —

A lovely bike —

especially two-up —

and much improved after I stuffed a Nitron shock up its jaxie 🤠

Riding her was easy – but moving her around in the tight confines of my garage at the end of a narrow cul-de-sac wasn’t becoming much fun for this geriatric so she had to go eventually 🤠

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Ducati 888 —

Yes I’ve had one of those too .. I had the full race package and it cost me every penny I had in my pocket at the time —

I never rode the bike but I did get a couple of races out of her – the BOTT race at Daytona in 1995 where it finished 5th and the full Daytona 200 race at that same meeting where in a race won by Scott Russel my bike came home in 12th position in the hands of a very young Neil Hodgson —

That race is available on YouTube and I still hold my breath when I see Scott and Neil go down as they come off the banking on the last lap – Neil blames Scott and I’ve no doubt Scott see’s it different 😉

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Sailing —

Hitching up our Lune Whamel —

Where’s Rod Stewart when you need him — 😉

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Yamaha TY80 —

My boy James on his first bike – probably coming up for eight years old in a field below the Black Mount on Rannoch Moor – while dad was off across the river having fun riding in the Achalder trial —

There’s fresh air under that front tyre – I reckon it’s his first wheelie — 👍🙂

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Looking South —

from Braco Roman Camp —

towards the Ochills —

It just get’s better —

and better —

but remember to bring your wellies —

and wear something —

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Innerpeffary Library —

which lies a few miles east of Crieff was the first lending library to be created in Scotland —

Originally formed in the attic of St Mary’s Chapel – built on a knoll on the banks of the River Earn near a ford used by the Roman Legions 2,000 years ago – the library now occupies the whole building —

With views over Crieff to Glen Turret and Ben Chonzie just part of a 360 degree sweep of the eye —

even now in mid-winter while the chapel itself is closed till spring

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500cc ROC Yamaha —

Yep – this rare pic has the 4 cylinder two-stroke GP bike as ridden by a very young Neil Hodgson in 1995 – he would go on to become World Superbike Champion on a Ducati —

I worked with the team in 1995 at Jerez for pre-season testing and later for the Spanish GP proper – plus the early fly-away races in Australia – Malaysia and Japan —
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NC30 at the NW200 —

This time it’s the ex-Jim Moodie VFR400 – I bought it from Jim after he had ‘run it in’ at the 1990 TT —

Only to have him borrow it back for the following year’s North West 200 when Jim was in his psychedelic pink period – apparently it showed up better on the telly —

Jim in action on the wee Honda – photo courtesy of TT pics —

My old trials riding buddy Robbie Allan had been trying to persuade me to go Classic racing at that time but I didn’t fancy the auld bikes.

When I saw Jim riding that VFR400 at the TT I thought ‘I could do that’ – promptly bought the bike and set about getting my race licence and writing another chapter in my ‘book of life’ 🙄

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Tenere 660Z —

If I’m not careful this big blue fella will be taking over from the red XJR1300SP as my favourite bike – even if long days criss-crossing Europe in it’s unforgiving saddle eventually put me under the surgeon’s knife —

It was loads of fun up to that point but a word of warning – never trust a South African from the Orange Free State with a scalpel – they still think they are fighting the Boer Ear 🤠

One of my favourite stops on the A75 between Newton Stewart and Stranraer – the arch was probably the first bridge – my bike is on the one that followed it and the latest bridge carrying the many trucks heading to and from Cairnryan for the NI ferries is behind me as I take the pic —
Deep in Old Heritage country south-west of Hawick where the young Hizzy first learned to ride a bike —
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