All Clear —

02 Jan

Well we certainly put 2022 to bed —

On the stroke of midnight we had a return of the Comrie Flambeaux after a missing three years due to the pandemic shutdown.

Twelve stalwart locals parade with monster flaming torches behind the Pipe Band through the old part of the village which sends all evil spirits muttering and crawling back into the surrounding hills. If the flaming torches don’t scare them the skirll of the bagpipes certainly will.

This sets of a frenzy of First Footing and I vaguely remember stumbling home up our fresh snow covered lane about 5 o’clock in the morning with Helen acting as Whipper In to make sure I got home safe.

We will draw a veil over the rest of the day as my strength appeared to have left me along with the evil spirits.

Today – after a sound twelve hour sleep my head is clear – the sky is clear and blue —

And on a beautiful morning on the 2nd of Jan I am looking forward to 2023 with a clear slate — 😎👍

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