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Tis a Thing of Beauty —

A great job for a rainy day – I was so engrossed in my jigsaw puzzle that I mucked up preparing the dinner – DoH!

The Quest For Knowledge 👍

No worries – I did think all those stars were going to beat me – but I persevered and they fell into place in the end —

Now what? Weather Forecast isn’t good for the rest of the month – I got a gift of a Kindle for Christmas but my eyes will fall out if I spend the rest of the month reading.

Maybe a light and some form of heating in the garage would be a good idea – unless I can smuggle the bike into the bedroom 🤔😉

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It’s a Long Time —

since I sat over a jigsaw puzzle – but —

The ice and snow is still covering the back garden. – the pavements are sheets of ice in places and as long as we have a few logs in the basket we may as well be indoors doing missionary work

My jigsaw puzzle is coming on apace —

An engraving by an unknown artist from a book by French author Camille Flammarion-

A missionary of the middle ages says that he has found the point where the sky and the earth touch —

I’ve completed the farms + fields and the missionary – the tree of knowledge – the sun and the moon plus the wheels of industry —

I know how he felt – I reckon I’m at least halfway there on my Quest for Knowledge – 🤠👍

Mmm – the next bit might be a test for a colour blind ijit 🤔

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