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500cc ROC Yamaha —

Yep – this rare pic has the 4 cylinder two-stroke GP bike as ridden by a very young Neil Hodgson in 1995 – he would go on to become World Superbike Champion on a Ducati —

I worked with the team in 1995 at Jerez for pre-season testing and later for the Spanish GP proper – plus the early fly-away races in Australia – Malaysia and Japan —
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NC30 at the NW200 —

This time it’s the ex-Jim Moodie VFR400 – I bought it from Jim after he had ‘run it in’ at the 1990 TT —

Only to have him borrow it back for the following year’s North West 200 when Jim was in his psychedelic pink period – apparently it showed up better on the telly —

Jim in action on the wee Honda – photo courtesy of TT pics —

My old trials riding buddy Robbie Allan had been trying to persuade me to go Classic racing at that time but I didn’t fancy the auld bikes.

When I saw Jim riding that VFR400 at the TT I thought ‘I could do that’ – promptly bought the bike and set about getting my race licence and writing another chapter in my ‘book of life’ 🙄

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