Counting Sheep —

03 Apr

hasn’t really helped me sleep these past two months and there has been many a night spent tossing and turning while house-hunting and everything that goes with it.

Been living on adrenaline throughout with the downside being that when everything is sorted – as it was the last day of March – I was surprised to find that without the adrenaline driving me on I became zombified for a couple of days.

The third day had me back to normal. It helped that it has been brilliant sunshine all day. I’ve managed to sort the Rates out and I’m fairly convinced that we will have internet of sorts at our new abode within the next fortnight. Not the ‘full fat’ high speed fibre optic that the whole world craves but it should be slightly better than nothing.

So – out came the bike —

and so did the bloody sheep —

All one hundred and ten of them!

No worries – it was real nice to be doing sumthin normal for a change 🤠

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