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Out to Lunch —

with my lovely wife —

and my sparkling daughter —
What more could a man ask for 👍
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Go West Young Man—

Looking west towards Loch Rannoch – from the Braes of Foss —-

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Aldi Greenhouse —

Well worth the fifty quid it cost two years ago —

Green fingers Helen has successfully started off and grown such a lot of plants in there —

Going into it’s third summer it continues to give good service although the door zips have given way this year.

To be fair – when we put it’s approx 250 component parts together my thoughts were – ‘I’ll give it six months’ 🤠

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Azaleas Doing Well —

The three azaleas I bought for our previous home on the Isle of Luing and planted in half-barrels where they did ok but nothing spectacular – exposed as they were to regular gales off the Atlantic – are now enjoying life transplanted direct into the soil in the shelter of our boundary hedge here in Comrie —-

This will be our third summer here and they appear to be thriving although we are having a constant battle with the villainous ground elder down that side of the garden 😠
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Life on the Edge

The story started back in April when Helen imagined her tree living on the edge of a cliff and painted her picture —

I love this one – so fragile – so beautiful —

Then last Sunday we found ourselves parked with the Yeti on the roadside in Braes of Foss territory opposite Schiehallion —

Helen took off up the braes walking Loki on the lead and was truly stunned to find a tree on the edge – much like her painting!
No worries – with blue skies -dry roads – and the wife off at work – what more could a dutiful husband do than get the bike out and go take a few shots of the fabled tree —
Truly magic!
and a great place for a picnic amongst the rocks —

My total of Brownie Points earned so far this year has just gone off the scale 😔

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One Tree Hill —

There are times that I’m quite relieved that I don’t know what’s going on in my wife’s head —

But I’ve gotta say this is another stunning piece of work from Helen’s hot brush —
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Wild Thing —

You make my heart sing 👍
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Heading for Schiehallion and Loch Rannoch —

Shiehallion is easy enough to reach as it’s possible to see it’s Benachie Bap silhouette from many miles away —

No worries for we had found a lovely spot for a picnic on the south shore only a few miles in –

Loki loved it and went fishing fast as you like —
while the old boy behaved like an ‘old boy’ for once —
Loki surprised both Helen and I when he came out of the water with a trout in his mouth —
More so because we had just been told by a passing Ranger that the wild brownies were scarce and difficult to catch —
Whatever – we had no idea if it was dead or alive for as soon as we tried to get it from him he forgot his Basic Training and swallowed it whole!
Seasons are later this far north into the wilds and it’s primrose time here —
and a few violets were showing amongst the wood anemones along the shore —
They obviously exist on next to nothing on that pebbly beach —
A straggly Scots Pine on the roadside —
and another in the churchyard with the obligatory yew fills the tree quotient —
A hidden view of the falls from an old stone bridge was a must —
as I rode a trials bike up there on occasion when it was used as an Observed Section in the Aberfeldy Two Day Trials many years ago —
Point the camera at Schiehallion is what I was waving my ever-straight finger at.
I rode my bike up the front of that one too – all 1083mts of her —
while the bold Helen was engrossed in hillocks passing by on her side of the car —
but we got there – and back – without too much drama 😎
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The Pointing Finger —

Even when I lived on the outskirts of Nottingham back in the late sixties and most of the seventies that index finger was known down my ‘local’ as Don’s ‘pointing finger’ as it naturally sticks up or out instead of wrapping round the glass.

It has been like that since I was eight or nine years old when I rashly climbed on my dad’s workbench and managed to knock his favourite crosscut saw off from it’s precarious position hanging from a couple of pegs on the wall.

6ft long – a two-man crosscut – it’s probably where I got my big shoulders from as I was cutting trees for firewood with my dad using one of these from my early teens – I can hear him yet through gritted teeth growling ‘yrr hinging on the sa’a – jist poo!’

Well my dad not only had the sharpest saw in the country as he would spend hours sharpening it – but he also had the quickest temper in the country and everything I did as a youngster appeared to annoy him!

Down came the big crosscut saw off the pegs – teeth first – as I stupidly tried to catch it as it hit the bench – the teeth cut deeply into the palm of my hand! Rather than risk another hiding I just wrapped my bloody hand in a hankie – wiped up the blood and said nothing. If my mother knew – she said nothing.

It was to be a few years later that I found that the sharp crosscut had cut through the tendon of my right-hand index finger – hence the Friday night pointy finger 🙄

Having got that boring story out of the way – tomorrow I will try to put a post together around our trip to Kinloch Rannoch on Saturday and that might explain why the pointy finger got up Helen’s nose – again 😄

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Clunie and Loch Tummel Hydro Schemes —

The top line of the story reads – Honouring the men who brought power to rural Perthshire —

It’s by the magnificent entrance to Clunie Hydro Power Station which I came across by sheer accident while out on the bike yesterday —

The Arch is a section of tunnel lining as used underground to pipe the dam waters to and from the turbines —

My dad had been a wood-cutter prior to joining up for service in the second world war and one of his first jobs in the aftermath was to clear timber from the islands slowly being formed as the Tummel Dam flooded.
This pic with a four years old me in 1946 is the only one I appear to have of him – I was to do my own stint on Hydro Schemes when I was involved in Hard Rock Tunneling almost thirty years later at the Kariba Dam on the Zambezi —
This one on the front page of the Farming News dated 1948 has me togged up against the wind and rain at a ploughing match at Blair Atholl Castle Home Farm where my dad was competing – having found employment and better housing for his growing family —
We can’t have dad without mum and here we are at a Bridge of Allan Care Home where she enjoyed the last few years of her life. Dad had died just two weeks after his retirement and mum was to spend almost thirty years on her own as she ‘waited to join her Chairlie’ – her words – she was a cool customer my mum 😎
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