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Loch Earn on the Brink

With Loch Earn on the brink —

the River Earn full to over-flowing into the surrounding fields and woodland —

and the rain still lashing down —

to add to the snow-melt from the surrounding mountains —

it looks like it could be a day for wellies —

cheers — Don

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Comrie Mangroves

The weather changed overnight – we have a big snow melt which means only one thing in these parts — flooding!

luckily it isn’t too bad as yet.
I took these pics from the roadside –
and didn’t get my feet wet –
The River Earn is full bank to bank —
This weir is less than 100 yds from our house —
and lets hope it stays there.

cheers Don —

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Getting into Gear

This is the longest layoff I’ve had in recent years – both with my blog and from biking. Like most of you out there I’m looking forward to when the snow clears and the weather turns warmer.

Looks like my last tyre change for the Big Scoot put me on the right hoops but I’m not yet ready to try them to the extremes —

even these psuedo nobblies would struggle with what we have out there at the moment —

No worries — for the weather is-a-changing – for the better I hope. Yes I know – my windshield is cracked – bloody big pickup threw a stone at me … today’s windshields are glued in place so there’s no point calling the guy out in this weather — better to just ‘let it develope’ —

cheers – Do

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Electric Quad Bikes

When I first started looking for electric quad bikes all I could find were kiddies toys. More recently I thought that with Honda phasing out petrol and diesel motors in their cars that quad bikes were a dead cert to be in the forefront. After-all electric powered motorbikes are becoming commonplace – even Harley Davidson has one in their range – and it’s pretty good by all accounts. Imagine being able to check your livestock – quietly – or ride into the forest looking for wildlife – quietly – or just doing your shopping – visiting nearby mates or taking a run out to collect your newspaper with fuss-free electric power which has been re-charged overnight.

The older I get – and the more duff joints I get – the more interested I get so I kept looking and stumbled across this British built Keypitts Eco Quad Bike which might fill the bill. The proof would no doubt be in the pudding as battery life – range and reliability as well as price would all need to be assessed and if it could tow our sailing dinghy along to the loch we could even be on a winner.

If we ignore the nutter road tester who insists on using it as a plaything – the wee bike could probably be a serious bit of kit. But — I don’t know if there’s room for Helen AND a big dog on the back.

cheers – Don

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Only joking – Loki got his Walk —

It’s much easier underfoot to walk in the higher woods and safer too in this pandemic as there are few people out and about.

Loki n I stayed local today – walked out along the riverside to the church and came home by the main street. The pavements are treacherous – like glass. We preferred to risk the traffic and stepped out along the main roads which had been salted and gritted.

It’s just a matter of time now with the weather warming before this snow has gone – and about time too —
my X-ADV750 is under there somewhere —
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Sunday Morning – Walking the Dog

With 96% sleet and one degree out there I can hardly blame him – wouldn’t you prefer the rug in front of a log fire?
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Walking the Dog

Ahh – the dog — that will be Loki our three years old flatcoat retriever —

Loki on Guard

OK – so the pic was taken before we left the Isle of Luing – had to be cos my puter galleries havn’t caught up with my phone galleries – know what I mean. No worries – this will all be sorted before the end of Lockdown – that’s a safe bet —

Now for a few from today —

It’s a tad cold around here just now
river’s frozen over
icicles growing on trees

and a fair bit of snow over most of the country —

causing chaos on the roads
leading to the usual drama when bankings give way

More ice down the hole —

Brrrr —

But not much smoke from the chimneys of the Big House on the Hill —

In fact it looks deserted – not surprised – with daytime temps below zero – bet it takes more than a few bags of coal per week to heat that place.
Could be a Private School closed for the Lockdown I did hear that it is run by a charity and gives support to the disadvantaged.
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OK .. kind of getting the hang of things — writing seems smaller than before though.

MMM – let’s see what a fat lad on a bike comes out —

jeez that was a long time ago!

and the writing is even smaller —- let’s have one for the road —

WELL IT’S A START — things can only get better with practise

Catch u later —

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I’m Back

Just to say I’ve tried Facebook – gave it my best shot and find that I’m writing blogging style on there whereas the Facebook format is more suited one liners and faceless political arguments.

No worries – I still have three bikes – The Honda X-ADV750 – a Honda CRF250 Rally and my long term project Yamaha FJ1100. The current weather isn’t being too kind to us but I am still getting out and about as excercising the dog is allowed during the Lockdown.

I’m looking around here for a way to insert pics but things seem to have changed since I last posted.

OK – let’s see what happens when I click publish —-

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Honda VFR400 NC30

The bike that brought me into Road Racing — my ex-Jim Moodie VFR 400 —

Resplendent in PINK! In the paddock at the NW200 — early nineties.

I had actually bought the little NC30 from Jim after he rode it at the TT the previous year and was racing it myself —

391 — coming out of Knockhill Hairpin

I had no sooner bought the bike from Jim than he ‘borrowed’ it back to race at the NW200.

Don —

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