Auchmithie —

where I was living with my mother and two older brothers in a room rented from fishwife and landlady – Jessie Cargill in 1945/6 —

when my dad came marching home at the end of the Second World War …

Bet that was the first time my hair had been combed — 🙄

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Morning Helen —

We do enjoy our first cappuccino of the day – don’t we 👍
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The Yamaha Tenere XT660Z —

Definitely the Tough of the Track —

from the snowclad hills of Scotland —

to the white sandy beaches of Tiree —

with many a hard European trip in between –

the Tenere did it all for me over several years – without missing a beat — 👍

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Rest in Peace Ma’am —

I will always remember her twinkling eyes and cheeky smile when she stopped to talk briefly to me while on a walkabout during a garden party at a Herefordshire country estate – possibly fifteen years ago —

That’s my photograph and she certainly had an eye for the camera —

The garden party was being held to thank those who had been involved in dealing with the catastrophic Foot and Mouth outbreak which had eventually been brought under control but had scarred all involved.

Our short exchange wasn’t earth-shattering but has obviously remained with me.

The queen twinkled up at me and asked – ‘and what did you do in Foot and Mouth?’ I returned her smile – nodded my head and replied – ‘gave support ma’am’ – which seemed to please her for she smiled even more brightly and moved on.

RIP Ma’am —

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One Year Ago —

I was out for coffee in St Fillan’s – with my lovely daughter Rainnie and a laid-backLoki —

enjoying glorious sunshine — 😎

unlike today with it’s torrential rain bouncing off the patio —

What happened to Global Warming? 🤠

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Not Done Yet —

After several days of torrential rain and with early darkness creeping in – we can be forgiven for thinking that summer is over for another year – but —

don’t give up hope just yet – for that photo was taken at Montrose on 19th Sept 2021 — there’s time yet 😎

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Honda X-ADV750 —

In black and white – the 2017-20 model – this was my first X-ADV —

but I didn’t get on with the seat and find the later ’21 model which I am running now is much kinder to the bit I sit on over a distance 🤠

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Handsome is —

as handsome does —

Our Loki —

posing on Sherrifmuir —

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Beinn Dorain —

On the way to Rannoch Moor and Glencoe —

and looking through the pass that runs into Glen Lyon —

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The Suzuki 650 V-Strom —

Yet another bike Helen and I had through our hands —

Not the most exciting bike in the world but good value for money and a pretty good all-rounder —

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