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BMW R100GS —

Back in 2006 during cutbacks where I worked – I got the chance to retire a year early due to my dicky knee which was giving trouble even way back then —

When I left I was awarded a few quid more than I had expected and with winter fast approaching I got the notion to spend my windfall and head somewhere warm. That’s when I spotted this beauty on American eBay for sale over in balmy Florida —


Thought I had it in the bag – you know how it is – I was already dreaming of touring round the Gulf of Mexico and following the coast from Texas down into Mexico proper – taking in the sights —

but with my luck I was more likely to end up with this fella —

Yuk – my luck ran out before I even started – I came down to earth with a bump when I found I had been outbid for that gorgeous red and white GS on American eBay —

The seller knew I had been well and truly trumped at the last minute and emailed me to say there was another fully loaded RED GS for sale on American eBay and I might be interested in that one —

I was interested alright and put in the winning bid but what happened next was a long story – suffice to say this is that Red GS home on my patch – on the Berwyn Mountains in Mid- Wales —

Things hadn’t gone to plan but I eventually shipped the GS home and put the whole experience down as being part of life’s grand tapestry.

I might tell it on here sometime but I warn you now – there were no naked ladies involved in it — 🤠

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