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How Does Your Garden Grow —

We are coming into our third summer here in Comrie and having put our hearts into improving our patch –

the garden now looks a picture —

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Pear Tree and Plum —

We’ve just had a view from our former home on the windswept Isle of Luing —

Now we are bang up to date with the view down the garden from a bedroom window of our current home in Comrie, Perthshire —

They both have their time in our lives 👍

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Erosion by Quadbike —

The ‘B’ road across the moors between Braco and Comrie follows the contours for good reason —

The grassy sward between the camera and the road may look benign but there is a deep and wide drainage channel over there with it’s dark and turgid waters difficult to gauge. Elsewhere it’s easy with the waters laying on top in places —

But cut through the surface vegetation as some poor sod did with his quad bike —

and it’s a different story —

In fact – according to Loki —

the bike is still down there — 🧐

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Leeds to York Stagecoach —

Is running about two centuries late —

and a few miles off it’s route —

as it stopped for refreshments —

by the Royal Hotel in Comrie this afternoon — absolutely wonderful!

Thank you H for the pics and well done to whoever is behind this idea —

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East – West – Hame’s Best

Hame’s best for a good haddock anyway. Walked along the street with the good Lady Helen for a cappo this morning before she drove back to the Isle of Luing to take part in Drama rehearsal for the play which goes on next month and not only did our famous baker Campbell’s come up with a couple of my favourite baps – softies as the counter assistant called them – looking for all the world like a pale morning roll – softies – or safties as my mother would say in her never-lost Aberdeenshire country twang – have a lighter texture than the morning roll and have n’t gone stale by mid-afternoon when most of us working loons were looking for a simple piece to keep us going till tea-time.

Another favourite of mine is the haddock. With cod stocks reported to be running low the plentiful north sea caught haddock is back in fashion. When I lived in these parts before – vans from the Neuk o’ Fife or Arbroath harbours would call in on a once-weekly visit to the villages and sell their fresh catches.

Today to my surprise and probably because of the haddock having moved north due to Global Warming it was a fellow biker Wull with his van – all the way from the fishing village of Buckie on the Morayshire coast who stopped for an hour in the town-centre car park opposite the bakery! His fresh haddock looked good and having caught up with news of some of my old biking mates from that part of the country it wasn’t long before a couple of said haddock were nestling in my fridge and I knew what I was having for dinner.

Dipped in a beaten egg and coated with proper breadcrumbs – fried to golden perfection and served on the warmed plate with steamed broccoli and a sliced lightly toasted and buttered saftie – I had that for dinner tonight and it melted in the mouth. Tasted like sheer decadence – for not a lot of dosh. I think I’m going to like Wednesdays.

So – while the lady of the house is off on the Isle of Luing doing her Drama – Seamus keeps her seat cosy —

and Loki dozes quietly on the fireside rug —

Yes – peace reigns – but which of us do you think is going to have to wash the dishes?