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Innerpeffary Library —

which lies a few miles east of Crieff was the first lending library to be created in Scotland —

Originally formed in the attic of St Mary’s Chapel – built on a knoll on the banks of the River Earn near a ford used by the Roman Legions 2,000 years ago – the library now occupies the whole building —

With views over Crieff to Glen Turret and Ben Chonzie just part of a 360 degree sweep of the eye —

even now in mid-winter while the chapel itself is closed till spring

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Snow over Glen Turret —

and icy puddles in the fields on Drummond Estate —

Today 😎
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Over the Hills —

but not far away —

with the odd blink of sunshine —

There wasn’t a trace of snow over Braco Moors —

and Muthil Parish Church windows were sparkling in the odd ray of sunshine —

Even Crieff and surrounding hills looked snow-free —

Drummond Castle was well hidden in the trees between me and Glen Turret —

Thanks to my Nokia XR20 and Google’s enhancement it even looks like a brilliant day out there —

but take it from me – that combination could make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear —

For this pic I just shut my eyes pointed into the sun and hey presto —

This one actually made a sodden and flooded in places Muthil golf course look playable —

Might even have found another easy walk for Loki and I —

OK – I may have rambled on a bit today but it was better than being huddled by the fireside burning expensive logs up the lum 🔥🔥🔥

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First Proper Snow of the Year —

On the Tops – looking over Crieff and up Glen Turret —

The snow is down around the two thousand feet mark on Ben Chonzie and looks like staying as we have been promised a few clear frosty days this week 👍

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