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Pudding Lane —

The original Pudding Lane ran between Eastcheap and the Thames – it was used by the butcher’s to cart animal’s entrails down to the Riverside to be loaded onto barges and dumped downriver .. no doubt to be brought back up by the following tide. Much like what happened to our own emerging whisky industry which was centred in Campbeltown – Argyle where every waste product from twenty eight distillery’s operating there at the time was dumped on the shoreline and eventually filled the bay with foul smelling efluent —

Can’t say where our own ‘Pudding Lane’ here in Comrie got its name – it starts at the main street and ends in a farmer’s field —

It’s just part of the flat walks that Loki and I take around town these days —

A bit different to our walks on the Isle of Luing when he was a boy 🤠

and as every schoolboy knows – London’s Pudding Lane is where the Great Fire of London started 🔥🔥🔥

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