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Boat Buttoned Down —

With the weather being so changeable these days and high winds whistling around every corner it’s reassuring to know the Hede is secure on dry land for the winter —

The neighbours garage forms a useful windbreak so she won’t come to any harm here —

Unfortunately the canvas cover isn’t 100% watertight so rather than damage the trailer suspension if the hull fills and catches me out – I make sure there is no weight on the wheels overwinter —

The overspill from my garage such as bags containing suits of sails – the lawnmower and suchlike have to make do under a tarp in the box trailer —

which is another set of wheels that can spin freely with the load off the suspension —

Old habits die hard but I must admit there are times when I wonder where I get the energy —

but I do enjoy messing about —

Another day almost filled — roll on summer 😎

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Posted by on February 10, 2022 in out and about