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Honda X-ADV750 in Glen Lyon —

In black and white – the 2017-20 model – this was my first X-ADV —

but I didn’t get on with the seat and find the later ’21 model which I am running now is much kinder to the bit I sit on over a distance 🤠

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Honda X-ADV 750 – 21 Model —

With 7000 miles on the clock since last May she is going well as long as I don’t run her on neat E10 petrol – that’s when she becomes a bit ‘lumpy’ off the bottom end —

With the DCT clutches she has to accelerate smoothly from tickover as it is impossible to slip the clutch when increasing the revs .

A slight hesitation at this point gives you the feeling that she is going to stall. My answer is to grit my teeth and pay extra for higher octane E5 fuel – 50/50 E5/E10 is ok but neat E10 risks an embarrassing stall.

Somehow I don’t think that E10 petrol is going to save the planet as mpg is significantly less than with E5 so why are we being lumbered with it?

Quick edit; with the benefit of hindsight 🙃

Easy way out is to run her on Standard settings from cold these sub-zero winter mornings and switch to Sport once she’s warmed up. Simple eh 😁

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Honda X-ADV750 Swaps —

I rode the demonstrator X-ADV back to Ecurie M/C’s in Dundee yesterday —

This one —

And brought my own similar model home complete with virtually a full set of bodywork —

All supplied under Manufacturers Warranty. Guess who is a happy bunny —

Go on Don – you’ve got your bike back. Smile 😁
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To the Hills with the X-ADV750 —

The sun may have been shining but it was still quite cold out on the bike today —

Here we are looking past Beinn Dorain and over Auch towards the western end of Loch Lyon —

This time I’ve crossed the railway and ignored the ‘PRIVATE’ sign to get an unusual shot back to Ben More —

I thought I knew my old horse drawn farm implements —

but this one has me puzzled?? 🙄

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Blue Skies Over Glen Dochart

My X-ADV750 can find the blue skies for me .. must be the way I tell ’em —

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