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Heading for Schiehallion and Loch Rannoch —

Shiehallion is easy enough to reach as it’s possible to see it’s Benachie Bap silhouette from many miles away —

No worries for we had found a lovely spot for a picnic on the south shore only a few miles in –

Loki loved it and went fishing fast as you like —
while the old boy behaved like an ‘old boy’ for once —
Loki surprised both Helen and I when he came out of the water with a trout in his mouth —
More so because we had just been told by a passing Ranger that the wild brownies were scarce and difficult to catch —
Whatever – we had no idea if it was dead or alive for as soon as we tried to get it from him he forgot his Basic Training and swallowed it whole!
Seasons are later this far north into the wilds and it’s primrose time here —
and a few violets were showing amongst the wood anemones along the shore —
They obviously exist on next to nothing on that pebbly beach —
A straggly Scots Pine on the roadside —
and another in the churchyard with the obligatory yew fills the tree quotient —
A hidden view of the falls from an old stone bridge was a must —
as I rode a trials bike up there on occasion when it was used as an Observed Section in the Aberfeldy Two Day Trials many years ago —
Point the camera at Schiehallion is what I was waving my ever-straight finger at.
I rode my bike up the front of that one too – all 1083mts of her —
while the bold Helen was engrossed in hillocks passing by on her side of the car —
but we got there – and back – without too much drama 😎
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