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Biker Babe at Loch Earn

On a good day —
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Wind that would skin you —

Loki had a splash in Loch Earn today .. there was no chance of me joining him as there was a wind from the east that would have skinned me 😱

It takes a strong stomach to go down on the shore after the Easter ‘wild’ campers and day-trippers have left there shit and empties everywhere. The worst ones smash there empties into the fires when they are done – go figure πŸ₯Ί

As an odd bunch of mainly solo bikers we used to call in there on a Sunday thirty years ago and meet like-minded motor-cyclists from a’airts by the fire. We had a five gallon drum hidden away and foraged for fallen branches to burn from the nearby wood.

Then Ranger posts were created and they saw fit to ban us from collecting our measly few bits of timber as it was supposedly home to a wide variety of invertebrates. We could understand that and some of the regular participants started to bring offcuts of wood from home.

Since Loch Earn was put under the banner of Loch Lomond National Park things have gone down hill.

There appear to be more Rangers than there were but they have lost control of the campers who even go as far as chopping down trees for their camp fires.

What happened to the ‘caring for the wild’ agenda 😑

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Sublime —

Looking east down Loch Earn today —

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A Few More on the Road to Kenmore —

Looking down Loch Earn from St Fillan’s —

doesn’t feel so cold when you have a hot cappoccina from the village shop warming your mit’s —

Glen Ogle viaduct looking stark against the snow – I remember passing this way aboard a steam train seventy years ago as a ten years old Boy Scout on my way from Kelso to camp on the Island of Kerrera off Oban —

The train was at walking pace by the time it went over the top —

Does it need a Caption?

No more than this shot does over Killin —

or this one of the Trusty Yeti near Ben Lawers —

The sheep must have been in-by all night to have cleared the snow off that roadside hillock —

I do like this shot – looking down Loch Tay towards Kenmore —

or back west to Killin and beyond —

A bit of sunshine always helps —

For some strange reason the roads were completely clear in places as we approached Kenmore —

But not for long —

and the log fire in the Kenmore Hotel was a welcome background to our second coffee of the day —

Thanks to Helen – our happy snapper for t hihe pics —

while yours truly is already heading off sumwherelse — 😎

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Covid Clear —

Had my second clear test this morning —

So it didn’t take Loki n I long to get down Loch Earn side where we waved a camera at Ben Vorlich —

and found a new walk over Glen Ogle —

with a puddle for the boy to splash in —

Doesn’t he look happy ☺️

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South Shore of Loch Earn —

There was a time when the south bank of Loch Earn was my favourite —

with countless waterfalls tumbling down the hillsides —

Clean shingle and spots to let Loki explore without worrying about what crap he will pick up —

but last summer was the worst ever for dirt and debris as every passing place was filled with parked vehicles – any accessible waterside spot was filled by happy campers and any wooded area became an alfresco toilet.

Wouldn’t be quite so bad if they would take their rubbish home with them but invariably they don’t. I’ve seen large televisions – fridges – you name it – it will be there —

At least it isn’t quite so bad in winter but I did spot a kitchen cabinet in the ditch up Glen Ogle the other day — is it me that’s out of step? πŸ™ƒ

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Back on the Island With the CRF250 Rally —

Now then? Even I don’t know where this pic was taken —

On an away day to the mainland somewhere – Loch Lomond – Loch Awe – Loch Earn? Take your pick —

Got this one sussed – it’s on the eastern flank of the Isle of Luing – not far from where my son lives —

This time I’m down on the shore below his house – by the moorings – looking over to Torsa —

another one from the eastern flank —

This will be at the Trig Point – the highest point on the island – I rode up there on my birthday – either 75th or 77th – or perhaps both —
Looks like I’m on my way down —

I think I will stop here while I’m still shiny side up —

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Loki the Swimmer

Our flat coat retriever – Loki – has web feet and was born to swim.

Unfortunately it has taken him almost four years to realise that. Today in Loch Earn was the first time I have seen him ‘doggy paddle’ — magic! πŸ˜€

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