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Seamus Survives —

Being through what looked like another tussle with something big —

Our cat has used more lives than any cat I have known. This morning he appeared from his night time spent in the thick woods and hedges to the rear of our house with blood pouring down the side of his face.

There was a large puncture wound similar to one he received a few weeks ago .. too big to be done by another cat .. possibly by the canine tooth of a large dog .. or even the talon of a bird of prey. I know he was involved in a scrap with a big bird of prey recently over a pigeon, so perhaps there was a second round.

Whatever .. I forgot about breakfast and whipped him over to our local vet in Crieff, only to find that two of their vets had called in sick and I couldn’t even have him examined .. quite concerning as he was still bleeding. After consultation at the desk they did arrange for him to be seen by another vet in Perth if I was prepared to take him the twenty miles there.

I had Seamus in Perth by eleven .. he was examined by a vet and after I had signed to say I was prepared to pay a humongous itemised bill if things turned out bad I was told to disappear for four to five hours.

Spending four or five hours in Perth is no hardship and I’m pleased to say I had collected Seamus and was out of there by three o’clock and home driving into the most wonderful sunset by dark o’clock.

Helen and I have Seamus tucked up comfy in a big dog cage in the lounge tonight and knowing him he will be howling the house down to get out by morning. We just can’t get it through his stubborn scull that cats are only supposed to have nine lives!

Seamus spent the first half of his life in wide open spaces where he was lord of all he surveyed .. unfortunately he’s not finding it so easy to keep out of trouble in the small town environment where we live now.

It did occur to me that if I had been the injured party in need of urgent hospital treatment I might still be waiting for an ambulance yet 🤠

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