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gixxer country —

Gixxer country – blue jeans and rock’n roll.

It’s been one of these days – started with the gixxer – moved on to the pub and may well end up back in my local for their Folk Music night with a hint of Rabbie Burns. The bagpipes were being warmed up out the back as I left so it could be one of those nights ūüôā

Before that kicks off let’s see what’s left in the gixxer cupboard.

There’s Ballantrae for starters —

then there’s this bit including the softball that prevents the screen folding back at over the ton —

She’s no Tenere but I had covered many miles on dirt roads and almost been runover by an out of contol tractor and four wheeled hay trailer¬†with a load of worried looking young people on board¬†before I¬†reached this picturesque spot in Istria —

Since then she has¬†met up with a bunch of merry German ladies on their first tour of Scotland —

and even looks the part parked by this old fashioned red phone box at St Mary’s Loch —

So-o — taking a break near Munich while on a trailer to Croatia —

or parked down the road by Wigtown harbour —

my lil gixxer ticks lot’s of boxes and¬†seldom fails to put a smile on my face ūüôā

gixxer country

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Gixxer 6

All winter I’ve been beating myself up about having three bikes and barely enough dosh to run one. I change my mind from day to day as to which one I should sell first in order to finance my riding in 2012.

At the moment my Gixxer 6 is in pole position for the chop but when I fire her up I wonder WHY? She is so eager to get out there – barks like a good un and is so-o light to wheel around.

She will be a tough sell in more ways than one —

These first two photos are from the warm roads of Croatia – so easy to get lost —


But fettling her in the open air was a pleasure —

and playing the fool on a cool hilltop after lunch¬†at a village inn was fun —

This baby can fly and has some trick bits to¬†help keep her in check —

including some meaty Galpher discs as the originals warped far too easily.

I do like the ABM top yoke – another expense¬†I hadn’t allowed for but my early attempts to modify the original left it looking like a school workshop project —

It had to be a top of the range Supersprox sprocket and ‘O’ ring chain that went in when I lowered the gearing —

H-mmm — I DO like her —

a LOT —

Maybe I should forget about selling her and do the Lottery instead ūüôā

gixxer 6

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Hizzy – Border Country

Cold but sunny – slippery roads and wet under the trees. Sounds about right for October/November but the gixxer was coming out for a spin —

It was one of these days. Couldn’t make up my mind where to go. After messing around I arrived in Carlisle via cheap fuel at Asda and thought I might head for Silloth on the south shore of the Solway and take it from there but a couple of wrong turnings had me heading east over the M6 instead.

No worries – I got a crackin breakfast in the caf√© at Newcastleton then a blast up the Rievers road took me to Hermitage Castle where I got the camera out —

gixxer at Hermitage 002

It was that sort of day – my next photo op was by the spot where one of my¬†heros – Steve Hislop –¬†was killed when he crashed his helicopter up here —

gixxer at Hermitage 008

Low-flying fighter jets were suspected of having some involvement in Hizzy’s¬†death? Well they almost did for me when two of the beggars came down the Loch and¬†virtually¬†blew the roof of the¬†caboose by the St Mary’s Loch tearoom with me in it when they switched on their after-burners for the climb out of the valley!


another stop by Meggat Dam ensured that I wouldn’t get much heat in the tyres —


Yes I had gloves with me but fumble fingers can’t operate my camera which was sitting on a fence post —

gixxer at St Mary's Loch 012

So¬†it was up by the Merrick Dam and over the top where I met a group of German girls¬†enjoying their first visit to Scotland by bike —

gixxer at St Mary's Loch 026

There was one more photo op. —

gixxer at St Mary's Loch 030

before taking that winding road by the Devil’s Beeftub to Moffat for a coffee in the Rumblin Tum then home —

remembrance 007

Hizzy – Border Country

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Parton Village by Loch Ken

I thought we were in for a dull day but it was probably something to do with the clocks being turned back an hour to winter time. By noon it was starting to clear and next thing I knew the sun was shining and the birds were visiting my feeders outside on the terrace.

Parton 002

Time to get the gixxer 6 out! She has been parked up for about two months while I gave the XJR1300 a shake down. I had forgotten how light the gixxer is Рwith the wide bars she dances down the road. Great fun and the tiny village of Parton by Loch Ken makes a lovely backdrop  for my photo.

Parton Village by Loch Ken

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