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Living with a Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

Slip-sliding the Ten

Having spent the morning watching Sebastion Vettel upset the Mercedes Formula One applecart with his Ferrari out there in Malaysia as the rain came down in torrents outside my window here in D&G – I was ready for a spot of action by the afternoon.

buckets 003

Out came the Ten —

buckets 001

and we dodged the threatening rain clouds best we could as we slipped and slid our way around the backroads.

buckets 008

I had opted for ‘hard compound’ Michelin Anakees at my last tyre change with less wear per miles covered in mind.

buckets 009

So much for economy – they certainly weren’t my favourite tyre out there today.

buckets 011

No worries – we stayed shiny side up —

buckets 012

and came home in one piece 🙂

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Tenere Tracks Phytophthora Ramorum

Phytophtghora Ramorum 003Phytophthora Ramorun – more than a mouthfull – and so it should be.

PR for short – is responsible for the upsurge in forestry operations in the Galloway Forest Park leading to the closure of some of the cycling trails and the general increase in heavy trucks needed to transport the cut logs to the sawmill.

There are no half measures with PR as it is the deadly fungus that has infected the majority of the larch trees in the massive Galloway Forest and the only answer appears to be to takeall the larch out.

A bridge closure had me marooned in the garden behind the Tea Room up at Carsphairn earlier today.

There being no demand for newspapers in Carsphairn – and – to help the latte go down – I picked up the 2015 free edition of the Galloway Ranger instead. All is revealed therein.

In 2014 alone there were 80,000 tonnes of larch harvested in the Forest Park.

Phytophtghora Ramorum 001

If left to do it’s nasty work the fungus causes the tree tops to dry out and they are liable to come down on the unwary.

Phytophtghora Ramorum 004

Early harvesting defeats the fungus and saves the resinous timber for a variety of uses such as chalet building and other outdoor artefacts.

Phytophtghora Ramorum 008

Apparently the sawn timber carries no risk of the diseased spores spreading but as usual the UK is lagging behind and believe it or not – China is the main beneficiary of this glut in forestry products.

Phytophtghora Ramorum 018

While we burn the needles and bark as bio-mass fuel in our power stations.

Phytophtghora Ramorum 006

Why is there no immediate re-planting? The felled areas are to be left fallow for three years to reduce the risk of re-infestation.

Phytophtghora Ramorum 014

After three years re-planting with a mix of conifer and broadleaf species will in time change the area for the better by creating a more natural looking forest for wildlife and visitors to enjoy.

Phytophtghora Ramorum 011

Happy Days ahead 🙂

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Birthday Rider

Had another birthday on Saturday 21st March – the first day of Spring.

The weather played it’s part —

PP 21 Mar 003

it was too good to waste —

PP 21 Mar 005

so I headed for the coast —

PP 21 Mar 001

on the Ten —

PP 21 Mar 002

I guess that’s Port Patrick over there 🙂

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Danny Long Legs Takes Ten

019I’ve got my Collithie Grannie to thank for the ‘Danny’ moniker. I stayed with her as a 2-3 year old during the war when my old man signed up to fight for King and Country.

My two older brothers were also farmed out. In their case with an aunt while my mother underwent a series of painful lumber punctures or ‘spinal taps’ at Aberdeen Infirmary.

I must have been all legs and lugs seventy years ago but thankfully I grew into them as I reached my late teens. The ‘legs’ came from my grandad but the ‘lugs’ must have come from a passing elephant.

I can laugh about them now but I took some cruel jibes for my big ears during my schooldays. ‘Taxi wi the doors open’ – was one of the kinder cuts that I remember.

No worries – for another thing my grandad passed on to me was a love of motorcycling. I still have it and as soon as the torrential rain laid off about mid-afternoon today I was kitted out and away on the bike.

The Galloway Hills are an easy reach —

003 - Copy

and the forestry isn’t much further —

011 - Copy

It’s a wonderful feeling to get out there on two wheels —


The countryside around here reminds me of the hills and forests above Gartly where my mother’s family came from —


And with the Tenere roosting by the back door it was possible to make the most of the fleeting bit of sunshine we had late this afternoon —


Magic 🙂

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Tenere in the Tundra

Tundra? Well that’s what some of it felt like – quiet lochs with no name in the forests —

Bargness 002

Bigger lochs out on the moors —

Bargness 008

and some that aren’t lochs at all like this Otter Pool on the River Cree —

Bargness 017

I had expected to be heading off to an Air Show with the boys this morning but the ol’ body let me down. It was gone two by the time I hit the road – only to turn for home after the first seven miles.

Bargness 003

The turbulence and vibration from the standard screen was bugging me so I rode back home again and whipped it off.

Bargness 006

A-hhh – peace at last – that screen has been off and on so many times. It is incredibly noisy even with the earplugs in. If I have any sense it will stay off till I find or make sumthin that suits  —

Bargness 005

Without it I don’t even need the plugs. Looks odd though – wish I could get one just two inches tall —

Bargness 015

I saw some lovely places in the backwoods where I hadn’t ridden before —

Bargness 009

But now I know they are there —

Bargness 014

no doubt I will see them again 🙂

Tenere in the Tundra

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Coffee Break

I suppose the bikes look much the same parked when across the stream from the coffee shop —

South Up 001

But with the one behind valued at four to five times what the blue Ten is currently worth —

South Up 004

there’s only one of them going to head for the hills when the coffee break is over —

South Up 003

A real neat way to spend a few hours on a Saturday 🙂


Coffee Time

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Tenere Tango

Summer's Here 006It was one of those purrfict days – wall to wall sunshine – dry roads and a good bike under me. What more does a man need? Ok – don’t answer that 🙂

The road from Newton Stewart to Girvan is a real test – poorly surfaced – it had the Tenere in Tango mode but no worries – I enjoyed the dance.

The view over Girvan Town to the Isle of Arran stopped me in my tracks as I came out of the hills to start the twisting descent towards the coast. If I was a betting man I would lay odds on that rock in the thumbnail being made of the same granite as Ailsa Craig. They are both what’s left of volcanic plugs and I doubt if they are much more than a mile apart  —

Summer's Here 001

Girvan Harbour didn’t seem to have much to offer until I was almost in the town centre – that’s when I spotted the Argosy which works out of my home town at the scalloping – she was up on the stocks across the river for her annual paint and refit. I think the red hull means she is registered in Northern Ireland. Something to do with the Red Hand of Ulster I believe – or did I just make that up? Folks have been knee-capped for less.

Summer's Here 009

Safer out on the road – and here we are with a view out to the giant curling stane that is Ailsa Craig —

Summer's Here 003

Then it was a nice run down the coast road —

Summer's Here 011

to Ballantrae would you believe —

Summer's Here 017

where the rape seed brought in on the wind has rooted in a splash of colour —

Summer's Here 025

The pollen is probably getting up my sensitive hooter so – after a walk down the shore —

Summer's Here 045

I took off down past the ferry terminal at Cairnryan to Stranraer and Portpatrick where I had a late light lunch on the new veranda at Harbour House with views across the sea to Northern Ireland —

Summer's Here 049

Yup – a purrfict day 🙂

Summer's Here 048


Tenere Tango

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Tenere Logging on Laurieston

Logging on Laurieston? Stick with me – I’ll get there eventually. I decided to change the oil and filter on the Ten today. It’s almost two years since she had an oil change but with only 2500 miles covered in that time while I was attending surgery she wasn’t coming to any harm.

just serviced 002

A pleasant afternoon spent fiddling around with my spanners was all the excuse I needed to take her out on ‘test’ this evening.

just serviced 003

A bike ride keeps me out of the pub and also means I don’t spend my evening cooking and eating. Pays dividends on the waist line —

just serviced 007

I started late so I didn’t go far – round to Gatehouse and over the hill to Laurieston was enough running to check for oil leaks —

just serviced 012

and that brought me to the Laurieston Forest logs – I told you I would get there —

just serviced 010

It’s a shame that straight mature trees like that find themselves chopped into short lengths and turned to pulp or chipboard but it’s the way of the world —

just serviced 015

I can see where all this bike maintenance is leading to – one of these fine days the Ten and I will probably be loading up and heading off somewhere. That is providing I get the all-clear on my next visit to the surgeon in July 🙂

Logging on Laurieston

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Around Loch Ken by Tenere

Hi Ho Silver – I’m the Lone Ranger – Not. But it certainly felt like it this evening.

That’s not Silver enjoying the late evening sun —

Bruce's Stone 059

and this isn’t the Lone Ranger —

Bruce's Stone 016

But that is Bruce’s Stone he has his foot on. King Robert was fighting a guerrilla war in these parts and he is supposed to have fallen asleep while leaning against it —

Bruce's Stone 001

It was lovely in the forest tonight —

Bruce's Stone 026

and real nice out of it too —

Bruce's Stone 062

The Ten went off to herd some sheep at one stage —

Bruce's Stone 027

while I messed around with the camera —

Bruce's Stone 042

then we had fun on the dirt —

Bruce's Stone 039

The Ten likes to pose —

Bruce's Stone 046

and I really like this shot —

Bruce's Stone 052

but I’m spoiled for choice tonight —

Bruce's Stone 031

so I will stop —

Bruce's Stone 021

while I’m ahead 🙂

Bruce's Stone 024

Hi Ho Silver

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Tenere at Luce Bay

Everything is relative but for me it was a late run to Luce Bay. After a day spent pottering in the garden and dodging showers the evening looked promising for a bike ride. West is always favourite and I had some idea that I would reach Stranraer but a new road (for me) beckoned as I passed Glen Luce.

It said Stairhaven on the sign but this isn’t it —

Stairhaven 022

Ahh – this is more like it. What looks like an old Millhouse plus a handful of new houses. There’s still some for sale if anyone wants to live at the back of beyond and brave the winter gales off the Irish Sea —

Stairhaven 030

The poser in the pic will pass on staying in this remote spot although they are a public spirited lot and have provided a toilet block so maybe it does get busy round here in the summer but I can’t imagine why.

Unless it’s the views on the way in —

Stairhaven 020

Out of the hamlet and over the hill leads to Luce Bay as I know it. A nice beach and a wide grass verge to park on with views all along the coast when you are not squinting into the low evening sun —

Stairhaven 043

Dead ahead is the Isle of Man which will be a Mecca for motorcyclists in a few weeks time —

Stairhaven 038

This coming weekend sees racing on the public roads of Northern Ireland up by Port Rush. But – I’ve done all that many years ago and my little Honda VFR400 NC30 got a 3rd place there in the early nineties so I don’t see the need to go back there again.

Stairhaven 036

The A75 along which I travelled tonight will be busy with bikers as they make their way to the ferry port at Cairnryan. Crowds in the region of 100,000 are normal and most of them will have travelled from the UK. It all means a big police presence on the A75 this week so I didn’t give them much to wag there fingers at. It was different in the old days when a big Irish police sergeant with a pistol on his hip pulled me in and gave me a severe dressing down.

Stairhaven 033

I was lucky because some of the stunts I pulled while racing for the last ferry of the day should have had me in the Maze Prison. No worries – the big fella was ‘broad-minded’ about it all and I lived to tell the tale 🙂

Late Run on Luce Bay

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