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Distraction and Illusion —

I’m sure I’m not the only one who reaches for their phone in the middle of the night incase there’s more unwelcome news from Ukraine. Their situation brings home to us how easily such a thing could and may happen anywhere and even sooner than we think. For Putin as a supposed World Leader to turn on his neighbour with such venom in this day and age is quite unbelievable.

It shows that our peaceful life as we know it is simply an illusion and a distraction from what is waiting round the corner for us at any point in time.

I was born this month in 1942 with my father off fighting in the most recent World War and I consider myself fortunate not to have experienced another one in the intervening eighty years. My simple stories on my blog regarding my everyday life may be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but I would like to be able to continue them for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps Mr Putin could just pack away his Weapons of Mass Destruction and let us enjoy our quiet lives although I can’t see how he can be allowed to escape the consequences of the multiple deaths – pain and suffering of the defenceless people he is currently attacking.

Somewhere along the way – unless in the unlikely event he achieves world domination – he will get his just deserts.

My heart and thoughts are with the poor people of Ukraine who are paying the ultimate penalty for life as we know it at this time.

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