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All that Glitters is Not Gold —

In my previous post – ‘Sublime’ – it didn’t occur to me at the time that the mountains on the horizon where wild goats and herds of deer rome free are in fact on the 3300 acre Aberuchill Estate bought by Putin’s pal Vladimir Lison in 2005 as per another of my recent posts ‘Who Owns Scotland’.

Turns out that Russian oligarch Mr Lison is one of the world’s richest geezers and has been sanctioned by the Yanks since 2018. Our Scottish Government is just getting round to investigate him – having handed his estate the best part of a million quid in agricultural subsidies in the past few years.

You couldn’t make it up — 🙄

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Who owns Scotland?

I have often pondered this very question —

It would appear that this part of Scotland where my dog walked today is owned by a Russian oligarch —

Here we are – not a couple of miles from my door —

complete with 3300 acres of Scottish hills and glens —

According to a tweet on Twitter on 14th Dec 2020 from award winning investigative journalist Martyn McLaughlin – the castle and estate was bought in 2008 by Russian steel tycoon Vladimir Lison for £6.8m.

Judging by the photo included in the tweet – Lison – who is reputed to be worth 15 billion quid doesn’t have to sit at the far end of the forty foot table when he visits his bosom buddy Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin —

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Tweet from Martyn McLaughlin (@MartynMcL)

Martyn McLaughlin (@MartynMcL) Tweeted: They include Aberuchill Castle Estate near Comrie, purchased by the Russian steel tycoon Vladimir Lisin for £6.8m. It received £682,896 via the Common Agricultural Policy b/w 2016 & 2019. Bloomberg estimates Lisin, pictured here with Vladimir Putin, has a fortune of £15bn.

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