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Walking the Dog – in Comrie —

Comrie can be a lovely place just to walk – even when a gentle mist is forming over the rivers that meet here —

Enjoy a few shots by Helen taken on her walk with Loki this afternoon —

The old bridge – still in use to reach the Ross is a thing of beauty —

as is the confluence of the River Earn and Water of Ruchill taken from the grounds of the current Parish Church —

which in itself has plenty of character —

Talking of ‘character’ – here are two pics taken from a walk in the snow a few days ago – where Loki is studying the ‘No Dogs allowed’ sign on the gate at the entrance to Earthquake House.

Comrie is situated over the Highland Boundary Fault which leads to the occasional quake and Earthquake House is where the measurement device is situated – we have had one serious crack since Helen and I arrived here – it shook us just as much as it rattled our old terraced cottage — 🤯

Being the gentleman he is – Loki kept his thoughts on the sign to himself and moved on along his merry way — 👍

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