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Glen Quaich did the Trick —

and it wasn’t too far in these days of austerity —

a sneaky shot from the south-east – then a nice ride along the lochside —
before parking on the bank by the second hairpin —
for a shot down the valley —
while I waited for some suffering cyclists to pech their way to the top of the hill —
No pechin for me while I’ve got the X-ADV
A quick shot through the trees into Kenmore as I scamper down the other side of the hill —
another looking west along Loch Tay —
and a shot of the hielan sojer sweltering in his full regalia —
beside the bridge in Aberfeldy had me back over the hill and home before the temp became too hot for comfort 😎
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Bursitis —

Just another ailment to contend with —

This is my right knee which has been giving me gip for the past seven years as I put off having a knee replacement op —
I wasn’t too bothered with the recent severe swelling and extra pain but when the skin started flaking off I had visions of leprosy and fortunately managed to get a diagnosis from the doc 🧐

He said no worries – it was only bursitis and the flaking skin was a sign that it was getting better —

Yehh! I’ll take that and still enjoy my X-ADV750 to reach those far off places for the foreseeable future 👍

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The Row Sheds — ‘Roo’

I took a run round here on the X-ADV750 this morning —

It’s where I was living in 1950 at the age of eight – cycling or walking to and from Doune Primary School most days —
The innards have been torn down and most of the windows have been pulled out and dumped inside on the rubble.

Although the henhouse my dad built and the chickens are long gone the garden is still real nice with a child’s swing hanging from a tree branch and a burn running down the left hand side. Lovely —

The view to the west is to die for – but just over the fence – bottom right – is where the gamekeeper shot my cat and left it there full of lead pellets from his twelve bore for me to find —

Seventy two years is a long time to carry a grudge but I still haven’t forgotten or forgiven him — 🥺

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Day Off —

Had a few hours off today – so what better than to disappear over the horizon on the X-ADV750 —

and enjoy the Twisties —
150 windswept miles of sheer bliss – Magic!
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Abernethy Means More than Biscuits —

Took a spin on the X-ADV750 yesterday – down to the Suzuki dealer in Fife on the hunt for a pair of summer gloves —

A detour into the old quarter of Abernethy saw me parked by the war memorial across from the McClootie Dumplin shop —

Half an hour later – with a tasty scone and black coffee in the sun under my belt – I was back on the main road to Cupar where I found the perfect pair of Extra Large X3 summer riding gloves for my shovel sized mitts.

All told I managed to pack in an interesting trip of mainly back roads plus a detour over the Tay Bridge and through Dundee – of about 140 miles on a bright but blustery day – nice one 😎

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Kenmore – the Oldest Hotel in Scotland —

At the gates of Taymouth castle –
Is Kenmore Hotel –
and not only do they provide a warm fire to bring my cold pinkie’s back to life –
But they do a lovely cup of coffee and cheesecake to die for ❤️
While my gloves are warming on the hearth I can spoil myself and also keep an eye on the X-ADV750 parked out front in the brilliant sunshine –
Stopped for a view down Loch Tay on the way here —
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Ben More today —

Two degrees — if I had heated grips on the X-ADV life would be perfect 😄

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Decisions – Decisions —

Do I go green and fill up with E10 fuel – or – have sympathy for the metal – pay the exorbitant price asked and put in the High Performance E5?

With the new X-ADV returning over 70 mpg it doesn’t seem too excessive to squeeze a few litres into it’s supposed 13 litre capacity tank.

It’s a different kettle of fish with the six years old Yeti. I don’t suppose it’s motor was designed for E10 Ethanol laced fuel but at over 70 quid per tankful it’s going to be quite a thought to fill her with the expensive option.

Perhaps ask Greta what she has to say about it – apart from Blah – Blah – Blah —

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