Tenere to the Rhinns

10 Mar

Brilliant weather. I fancy a ride over to the Rhinns of Galloway and lunch at the Mull itself. They do a mean macaroni and chips at the cafe down there – when it’s open. Turns out that this year they will have an extra long xmas break and hibernate till April – so I went hungry but I’m ahead of mesel.

Rhinns 13

First photo op was at Sandend looking onto Luce Bay — but I can’t find my pics from there so we will have to settle for these of the Ten playing hide and seek in the pampas grass at Drumore —

Rhinns 12

Those first two pics were both taken looking back into Luce Bay so you get my drift so-to-speak.

And there’s a lighthouse in this next one. I must be at the Mull of Galloway itself —

Rhinns 11

and I’ve never seen the Isle of Man appear so close —

Rhins 15

Despite the maelstorm of turning tides off the point below – all was quiet up top and I could park the Ten on the helipad without fear of disturbance —

Rhinns 7

and point the camera all around – magic —

Rhinns 9

But I’m hungry — nothing else for it but to head for the nearest pie shop. That would be up at Stranraer —

Rhinns 6

Now Stranraer isn’t famous for it’s haute cuisine – just good honest tucker at a town centre pavement table in the sun with a view of an ancient castle across a paved street.

Can’t ask for much more than that a three o’clock in the afternoon of a small country town in the Scottish boondocks —

Rhinns 5

and I’ve no doubt there’s been a seagull playing King of the Castle up there for nigh on six hundred years —

Rhinns 4

Well that’s what it said on the plaque on the wall down below where I had tethered my trusty steed —

Rhinns 3

See —

Rhinns 2

A lovely ride – and back in time to catch the sun go down over Kirkcudbright Harnour —

Rhinns 1

Well – almost – I missed it by about five minutes 🙂

A quick Edit – just for Rod who jogged my memory with his comment.

I found my Sandgreen pic after all —

Rhinns 17

Bet your caravan isn’t too far from this spot Rod – with the snow capped Galloway hills just visible in the distance. Get yourself down there this weekend mate – it’s too good to miss 🙂




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