350 Velocette

06 May

Had a change of scenery this holiday weekend. I went north to visit my children in the Trossachs ( the picturesque bit of Scotland where they now live near Aberfoyle). I stopped at Abington Services where I spotted this old piece of British iron built in Birminham during the very early fifties —

It’s a 350cc Velocette Mac identical to my first road bike that I passed my riding test on fifty odd years ago and it’s still going strong. I even knew the rider who is about as long in the tooth as I am 🙂

Still on the subject of old iron and with the weather switching between sunshine and snow showers it was a pleasure to reach my destination at Gartmore and find the woodburner radiating heat and both kettle and teapot on the ‘bink’ —

I’ve a feeling that ‘the bink’ is an east coast term for the metal ledge either side of the open solid fuel fires we had in the farmworker’s cottages when I was a boy. I have never heard ‘the bink’ used outside of north-east Scotland.

Old Bonnie doesn’t care what it’s called as long as the stove is lit —

Any old iron

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