Hydro Power

19 May

We may have had two inches of rain yesterday but our local Hydro Power Station seems to have missed out.

The Tongueland Dam was about twenty four feet below it’s usual mark when I passed by there today—

Hydro Power 020

I guess someone left the plug out —

Hydro Power 019

Yup – the sluice gates are wide open at the far end of the dam wall —

Hydro Power 016

Not sure what the header tank does but I don’t see any leaks —

Hydro Power 026

But there’s obviously something up when they’ve brought this big crane in —

Hydro Power 030

That shot takes me back to the days when I would work day and night on process and heavy construction plant repair and maintenance. Initially I would hire cranes from Hewden and suchlike before I splashed out and bought my own. I had three of the beggars over the piece. Those were the days when men were men and sheep ran scared 🙂

Hydro Power

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