Tenere does Gatehouse of Fleet

16 Feb

Sunshine at last! Time to get back in the saddle after a long lay-off —

To the Hills 008

Things are already going better than they did when I made my ‘comeback’ ride on her last summer —

To the Hills 009

That time I only got to the end of the road where I decided it was a ‘bum’ deal and took her home again —

To the Hills 005

The medics have had a few more months to graft – splice and titivate —

To the Hills 003

and I reckon after eighteen months of pain and pill-popping I’m almost sorted —

To the Hills 007

The Tall Ten has definitely put a song in my heart today —

To the Hills 012

instead of being a royal pain in the butt —

To the Hills 016

Meanwhile – out on the range the hill farmers have turned back the clock in pursuit of lean beef and it doesn’t come much leaner than the resurgent local Belted Galloway. They are blessed with a double-thick hairy coat instead of a layer of fat next to the skin to keep them comfy in our damp sou-west Scottish climate —

To the Hills 016

I enjoy my Galloway beef – when I can afford it – but neither a prince nor a pauper may eat the swan —

To the Hills 018

Only the queen is allowed to sink her gnashers into the royal burrd —

To the Hills 024

And what of the Bluebird hiding in the background? More like the Hummingbird as the miles increase and the once lumpy big single becomes much smoother. With four years and 18500mls on the clock she is beginning to feel run in —

To the Hills 014

Can’t believe how good it is to be back in the saddle because today’s trip was as much about road-testing me as it was about the bike —.

To the Hills 002

and after endless months of wondering if I would want to ride her again —

To the Hills 004

it’s just like old times back on my ‘Wandering Star’ 🙂

Tenere Tit-bits

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