Tenere Rides the Triangle

29 Apr

I first wrote about the Triangle on 19th Sept last year. It’s a big lump of hill and bog in the south-west of Scotland bordered by the main roads between Newton Stewart – Stranraer and Girvan. There are bits of it where nothing grows except rushes – rough grass and heather.

But – one thing that is sprouting in those windswept hills is the penchant for Wind Turbines. They are everywhere with more to come and they do have wind up there and very few neighbours to complain about the their view being spoiled.

With the Tenere back under me as the weapon of choice I was drawn to the gravel strewn single tracks in the Triangle. There are miles and miles of them cutting across that desolate area.

There’s even an old phone box —

or two —

But first some cheapish petrol in Newton Stewart then off into the boondocks —

Gael Force is just one of the many wind farms being put together up there.

I came upon this old wreck of a Massey Ferguson 35 by the roadside and stopped for a pic cos I used to drive one when I was a spotty youth with nuthin in my head but motorbikes – girls – and dancing —

This one wasn’t going far on three wheels —

But by the looks of the Perkins 3 cylinder deisel engine she was still a runner and there was good reason.

Not one to waste a thing the upland farmer was driving a high pressure pump off the PTO. No doubt to wash down his cattle float and other machinery —

The suction was dropped into the burn running under the road and the lance gave every impression of being used – just the job for washing the bike after a day in the hills —

I found my way over to New Luce where the Pub was shut – the shop was shut and the only sign of life was a well built guy walking down the street with a chain saw on his shoulder. He was probably off to open the pub 🙂

Ten miles or so further on had me off the hills and down on the lowlands of Stair Estates where the platful lambs caught my eye —

A nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon and thanks to the wonders of i-player I was able to watch a replay of Stoner winning the main race at Jerez on my puter once I reached home 🙂

Jerez GP circuit – down near Gibraltar. I remember driving my Merc Truck down there from Rotterdam in 32 hours with just a four hour sleep somewhere near Bilbao. That was back in the days when 500cc two-strokes were the top GP bikes and I had one in the back of my truck for Neil Hodgson to ride. It seems like a lifetime ago now and to be honest I would rather be trundling around the Triangle on my Tenere and back in my own bed at night. Does that mean I’ve got my priorities right at last? I hope so 🙂

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