Honda CBF125 – a Tall Order

08 Feb

The Honda CBF125 is a tall bike if you are a tiddly squat 5ft 2ins climbing on for the first time since breaking a wrist during a CBT early last year —

It's mine

But Lady ‘H’ is nuthin if not game. She looks about ready to bite the bullet and go again —


That’s if she can get my bum off the seat long enough —

givitsum on 'L' plate

Givitsum with ‘L’ plates – it’s over 55 years and many – many motorcycling miles since he had them on his 350 Velocette Mac to pass his riding skills Test in the West Perthshire city* of Dunblane —

No - it's mine I tell you

That Honda does seem TALL for a 125cc road bike. Even a 6ft 1ins rider looks at home on it.

But – with the even Taller Ten sailing through it’s MoT on frosty Friday ‘ol Givit will have no excuse for jumping on the baby Honda – nice machine tho’ she is.

Big Blue certainly looks the biz after having the salt and crud from Friday’s trip over country roads and farm tracks washed out of her nooks and crannies —

Salt all gone

I must admit I was very impressed with the wee Honda when I rode her to the workshop earlier today. I reckon with a couple of shorter aftermarket shocks sumthin like these Chinese Meetallgood items on the rear —

air shocks

coupled with a twiddle at the front should bring her down about an inch or so all round and let the brave Lady ‘H’ get both feet on the ground at least while at a standstill.

*Dunblane a city?

Oh yes – and it has absolutely nuthin to do with the fact that tennis superstar Andy Murray hails from there —


The fact it has a cathedral as it has done since the 11th century means it can call itself a City 🙂

Thanks are due to james@hopwood for the use of his fine photo of the interior of the cathedral.

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